Accounting and Budgeting with National Chart of Accounts Workshop

  • 07 - 09 Apr 2020
  • 16 - 19 Jun 2020
  • 15 - 18 Sep 2020
  • Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

The training workshop will assist government agencies on accountability, responsiveness and capability of upgrading the state budget classification and chart of accounts and implementation of international public-sector accounting standards. 

The main objective of the workshop was to hear directly from actors federal, states and local government on:

  • Progress recorded to date on compliance with the national chart of accounts (NCOA) and general purpose financial statements (GPFS) - IPSAS cash basis
  • Existing challenges
  • Outstanding issues
  • Plans to complete the IPSAS compliance programme

Introduction to The National Chart Of Accounts (NCOA)

  • Introduction
  • National Chart of Accounts (NCOA)
  • Structure of the National Chart of Accounts:
  • Administrative Segment
  • Economic Segment
  • Functional Segment
  • Programme Segment
  • Fund Segment
  • Geographic Code Segment
  • Issues and Challenges:

Budgeting With The National Chart Of Accounts (COA)

  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Budget Terms
  • Overview of Budgeting
  • Functions of Budget Classification
  • The Need for the Unified Chart of Accounts for Budgeting and Accounting System
  • National Chart of Accounts Structure for Budgeting
  • Steps for Budgeting with the National Chart of Accounts
  • Integrating Chart of Accounts Structure for Budgeting
  • Format for Annual Budgeting with Chart of Accounts
  • Challenges and Issues