Mastering Corporate Communications Course

  • 04 - 06 Aug 2020
  • Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria

In today’s world of complex internal and external communications needs, and the ever increasing demands of the digital age and morphing target audiences, we need to be better prepared to compete in this demanding and sometimes confusing landscape for the little memory space left in our audiences’ attention-span.

This course will provide an intimate understanding of the Corporate Communications landscape and the elements involved in developing strategies to promote the work of your organisation. Organisations are usually careful to preserve the sensitivities of their clients and the issues they deal with.

The course will offer tools and advice for anyone involved in corporate communications to deal with the balancing act of promoting and protecting the image/ reputation of the organisation, communicating to the internal and external stakeholders, the public, doing media planning and strategies, event management, and using the new digital media for image creation and crisis management.

  •  Upon completion of this course, participants may progress to attend:
  • Managing Media Relations and/or
  • Effective Crisis Management Communications

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have a sound understanding of the general principles governing communications and the role of such a department in any organisation
  • Maximising the potential returns of the Corporate Communications department
  • Be aware of the different constituent parts of corporate communications that need to come together to make it work for the organisation.
  • Brand / Image Positioning
  • Develop creative communication skills
  • Use Strategic Communications to increase your organisational positioning
  • Understand how to use new media and digital communications to amplify your position,
  • Have insights into strategies for crisis management

Course Outline:

  • An introduction to Corporate Communications
  • Why it is not just PR, it is Strategic Communications
  • The Elements of Corporate Communications
  • Role of Corporate Communications in an organisation
  • Strategic Goal-setting for Corporate Communications
  • Organising the department
  • Internal Communications

Target Audience

  • Forms – the Newsletter, e-mail updates, internal meetings
  • Elements of internal communications
  • External Communications
  • Different Types of Coverage – magazines, news media, new media
  • Elements to external communications
  • Dealing with the Media and Stakeholders
  • Different Forms of News Media
  • The Strategic Approach
  • Press Releases
  • Damage Control
  • Bad PR
  • Organising Events
  • What is a successful event?
  • PR events and/or Message
  • Dealing with Partners
  • Course participants will be expected to develop a media strategy at the end of the course. This is an interactive course and participants will be expected to carry out some hands-on tasks.

Who Can Benefit?

For all Communicators, marketing executives/managers and those without much experience in this field. Designed for participants who want a basic understanding of corporate communications  and how to harness its power for the organisation.