The Most Effective Way to Sell Coaching or Consulting Services Training

  • 20 - 22 Oct 2020
  • Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Stop Giving Away Your Time and Expertise Doing Free Coaching Sessions or Creating Spec Proposals: This Works Better

What you\'ll learn

  • Know a proven way to sell coaching or consulting services through Free Consultations
  • Understand exactly what to do (and the order to do it) on Free Consultations to ensure more prospective clients say Yes
  • Stop giving away valuable time and expertise to prospective clients
  • Know 27 different ways to attract prospects into free consultations
  • Stop cold calling to get clients
  • Stop waiting around for prospective clients to get back to you with an answer
  • Know how to fine-tune your sales process so your closing rate keeps improving


  • Coaches or consultants should already have a packaged service or program to sell
  • Coaches or consultants should have a good idea of who their ideal clients are (but don\'t necessarily need to know how or where to find them)


  • Are you an independent coach or consultant?
  • Do you love working with clients but hate the process of selling your services in order to get those clients?
  • Maybe you\'ve never been taught how to sell, so you\'re not even sure how.
  • Did you know that nearly all the coaches and consultants I talk to and work with hate the idea of having to sell?
  • And you know what, I hated it too when I started my own business back in 2002.
  • But when I learned the sales process, I\'m going to teach you in this course, everything changed. I no longer hate selling and I started closing more sales
  • If you\'re currently selling your services using free coaching sessions, or you\'re giving away
  • valuable advice in spec proposals, I\'d like to invite you to learn a more effective way to sell your services, that does not feel like selling AND does not require you to give away your valuable time and expertise for free.
  • This course is for you if you\'re an independent coach or consultant and...
  • You hate sales, or you\'ve never been taught how to sell
  • You\'re currently selling your services using free coaching sessions, or you\'re giving away valuable advice in spec proposals
  • You\'re tired of giving away your valuable time and expertise for free
  • You\'re struggling to convert prospects into paying clients
  • You\'re having a hard time finding potential clients to even make offers to
  • You dread the idea of cold calling
  • You\'re tired of hearing prospects tell you, \"let me think about it and get back to you\" and then never hearing from them again

What You\'ll Learn in this Course

  • In this course you will learn a simple, conversational, comfortable, 10-step sales process you can use in 30- to 60-minute Free Consultations with your prospects, to turn more of them into paying clients.
  • Sell More, More Comfortably, and at Higher Prices
  • As an independent marketing consultant and coach since 2002, I\'ve been selling my own services for 17 years. I\'ve tried a lot of different things. And I admit, at the beginning I was just kind of winging it.
  • However, when I was taught the specific sales process, I\'m going to share with you in this course, selling not only became more comfortable, I sold a lot more coaching and consulting packages. And, I sold them at higher prices.
  • When I dialled in my process to include the specific 10 steps I\'m going to teach you, and I went out and tested the this 10-step process for the very first time, I sold $4,500 worth of private coaching in a little over a week.
  • While I can\'t promise you\'ll have the same result, what I can promise is that if you are currently giving away free advice in free coaching sessions or spec proposals as a way to sell your services, or you too are just kind of \"winging it\" when it comes to selling your services, this 10-step sales process will truly transform the way you sell, and your results.
  • I encourage you to enrol in this course
  • Not only will you learn how to sell your services, you\'ll receive:
  • A step-by-step agenda and checklist you can use in every consultation you do, so you know exactly what to say and do to close more clients
  • 27 different ways you can get prospective clients to contact YOU and request a consultation (that means no cold-calling or pounding the pavement looking for clients!)
  • A formula to help you determine exactly how many free consultations you need to do to generate the clients and income you want so you can get off the cash-flow roller-coaster and start earning reliable income month after month
  • Free and low-cost web tools you can use to automate the consultation application and scheduling processes so you can focus your time doing what you do best – talking with prospects who\'ve expressed interest in working with you… and working with clients

Who this course is for:

  • This course is perfect for independent coaches or consultants who are working with individuals or small businesses
  • This course is perfect for independent coaches or consultants who dislike selling and would like to learn a more comfortable and effective way to get new clients
  • This course is perfect for independent coaches or consultants who know they\'re great at what they do but who are struggling to get clients
  • This course is not designed for consultants who are targeting corporations or businesses that require detailed, customized spec proposals
  • This course is not designed for coaches or consultants who are selling to group targets (i.e. executive committees) - this is a one-on-one sales process